Welcome to The New Savages' blog.

It's going to be a collection of my writings on the topics of old bluesmen, musical history and the artistic process.

One of my favourite things to read has always been artists talking about their inspirations and musical heroes - and a lot of the music that inspires me is very old and obscure. So I'd love to help you discover some new music to listen to.

I also hope to be able to shed some light, and my personal thoughts on the mysterious and enigmatic process that is songwriting and artistry.

And finally, I want to help tell the incredible musical histories surrounding the blues and traditional folk song culture. I spend an awful lot of time reading about this stuff so I figure I should share what I've learnt, because it fascinates me.

I hope you enjoy my first article on Blind Willie Johnson. I hope to be updating this blog sporadically in between all the other activities that The New Savages are a part of.

Who is Blind Willie Johnson?

Who is Blind Willie Johnson?

Born in 1897 in Texas, Willie Johnson was not always blind. At the age of seven his stepmother threw lye in his face and blinded him. His father was having an argument with her over her infidelity and she took it out on Willie. I was born to a wholesome, Serbian immigrant, middle class family, almost a hundred years later on the other side of the world in 1992 in Australia. But I always saw something of myself in his music.

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