Seventh Son Pre-Order


Pre-Sales are now available for our upcoming debut album, Seventh Son. If you order now you will receive a high quality mp3 of the album that you can listen to immediately.

You will receive a copy in the mail by June 6th 2019.

If you order as a Pre-sale you will receive free shipping as well, as a thanks for supporting the band while we prepare our launch. We appreciate you purchasing our music a lot!

Tracklisting is:

1. Seventh Son
2. Nobody But You
3. Brother, I am Your Keeper
4. Two White Horses Blues
5. Mississippi Black Water Blues
6. Seagulls
7. Devil Sent the Rain II
8. Love’s in Vain

Brother, I am your Keeper has previously been released as a single, but we have re-recorded it for the album, so it is slightly different.

Devil Sent The Rain II is my sequel to a Charley Patton song of the same name.

If you have any questions/issues please contact Milan directly on